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Barnes & Noble’s Patent Infringement Affirmative Defenses (Alleging SSO Fraud) Survive Motion to Strike

Barnes & Noble, Inc. v. LSI Corp., No. C-11-2709 EMC (Chen, J.)

On February 2, Judge Chen refused to dismiss affirmative defenses pled by Barnes & Noble against infringement claims concerning patents related to the Barnes & Noble Nook’s 3G, WiFi, and audio technology.  Some of the defenses were based on allegations of unenforceability due to standard-setting misconduct arising from alleged fraud on Standard Setting Organizations (“SSOs”).  In making its ruling, the Court conducted a fairly extensive analysis of the elements (misleading statements or omissions, duty to disclose, essentiality of the patents, intent, and reliance) and whether they were sufficiently pled.  The Court also found that Barnes & Noble had adequately pled that the SSO conduct of Lucent, a predecessor of LSI, could be imputed for purposes of unenforceability of patent rights, even if it could not be imported for purposes of tort-like antitrust liability.

The Court did dismiss two defenses relating to laches and judicial estoppel.

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