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N.D. Cal. Addresses Form of Attorneys-Eyes-Only Protective Orders

Barnes & Noble, Inc. v. LSI Corp., No. C-11-2709 EMC (LB) (Beeler, Magistrate J.).

On February 23, Magistrate Judge Beeler entered an order in an area that is usually subject to stipulation: the form of a protective order. The Court found that each side’s proposed protective order was insufficient. B&N’s proposed order inappropriately would have allowed its in-house counsel access to a “broad swath” of defendants’ attorneys-eyes-only-designated material. Defendants’ proposed protective order inappropriately would have barred B&N’s in-house counsel from license agreements that likely will be necessary for those attorneys to participate in meaningful settlement discussions. The Court directed the parties to present a new protective order compliant with the Court’s reasoning.

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