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16th Century European Competition Law vs. 21st Century Competition Law in Singapore

Today, it just so happens that we have an awesome (but coincidental) juxtaposition of historical views on competition law.

First, NPR’s “Planet Money” blog presented an episode on 16th Century European law (or quasi-law) on local guild monopolies in the form of an interview with Cambridge Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie.  (As an aside, from little I know, there is some disagreement about whether guilds actually impeded innovation, and if so, to what extent.)

Second (hat tip to the Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog for this one), Singapore’s Competition Commission has released a cartoon video explaining the dangers of price-fixing and how regulators can stop it.

Price Fixing

Singapore Competition Commission

The cartoon is priceless, and is a wonderful counterpoint to the medieval views discussed in the NPR piece.

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