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California Antitrust and Unfair Competition Treatise

The California State Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law Treatise update is working its way towards publication.  Full disclosure: I am co-editing one chapter.

The kickstarter website is a fantastic resource to lower costs of entry and stimulate new product development.  The cosmonaut stylus for touch screens, a kickstarter “graduate,” is a really nice tool.

Regarding my recent post on industry disruption, here’s a link to a Minimal Mac article on using an iPhone as a personal computer.  Something like this wasn’t possible a mere five years ago.

Shameless self-plug: I’ll be speaking at a CLE webinar on “Tying Arrangements: Avoiding Antitrust Liability: Leveraging Market Power Arguments and Seller Defenses” on May 1.  More details to follow.

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