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New Download Available — Tying Arrangements: Avoiding Antitrust Liability


I’ve posted a new file in the Downloads section — my PowerPoint presentation covering tying arrangements.  It addresses how to leverage market power arguments and seller defenses, and specifically examines the development and history of U.S. tying law.  If you haven’t checked out the Downloads section yet, now’s a good time to do so.  Just click the Downloads navigation button in the menu bar above.  Or you can click here.

P.S.: to answer the question in my post below: regarding the webinar where I presented this file, a 50% discount doesn’t implicate the Robinson-Patman Act for several reasons: (i) the webinar is a service, not a commodity, and so R-P doesn’t apply; (ii) differential pricing to end-users not in competition with each other is usually not problematic; (iii) pricing offered days or weeks ago may not be contemporaneous with last-minute discounts; and (iv) the changing conditions defense probably also attaches.

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