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Miscellany: Computer Screens and Your Vision; IP and Ethics; Twitter Culture

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A short list of miscellany for the weekend.

On the “Lawyerist” blog, Kate Battle suggests that backlit computer monitors really don’t cause eyestrain.  What does cause eyestrain is the fact that you tend to scroll text on the computer, so your eyes don’t move around much (and you often forget to blink).  This is a fundamentally different way to read than reading old-fashioned paper.

 On the IPKat blog, Neil Wilkof argues that some form of training in evaluating ethical matters may some day become a central part of IP.

Is Twitter’s influence on rhetorical style and culture good or bad?  Maybe both.  “The tweet is a literary form of Oulipian arbitrariness, and the straitjacket of the form has determined the schizophrenia of the content. A tweet is so short that you can get right to the point — but so short, also, that why should it have one? Twitter’s formal properties bend, simultaneously, in opposite directions: toward the essential but also the superfluous, the concise but also the verbose.”

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