Distribution, Competition, and Antitrust / IP Law

New Feature . . . Antitrust/Competition Case Tracking

Going forward, I intend on a realtime basis to try to track Northern District of California competition law decisions, and provide brief and timely updates.  If all goes well, I may expand this feature to cover state courts in Northern California as well, and perhaps later on even expand further.

Hopefully, these posts will be a useful resource.  The Northern District of California has been an important court for the development of antitrust law, especially in connection with the many high-tech companies and industries found within its jurisdiction.  So providing ongoing coverage of its opinions seems worthwhile.

Although some other publications cover antitrust decisions nationwide, I have not yet seen one focused geographically in this manner.  Also, I plan on covering decisions relating to antitrust cases that do not raise purely antitrust issues — e.g., personal jurisdiction decisions or evidence decisions.  Additionally, I plan to update within a day or two of each decision, which I believe is faster than some other publications’ schedules.

I will omit coverage of cases with which I have some connection.

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