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iPad Document Management / Annotation Apps Reviewed

As stated on my “focus and purpose” page, one of the occasional focuses of this blog is iOS and iOS applications (from a lawyer-user’s perspective).  That subject and competition and distribution law may go together like — well, like chocolate and green peppers — but as they say, “it is what it is.”

I recently came across a nice review of several iPad document management and document annotation apps.  You can find it here.

The review is well done, although I don’t agree with all of it.  Full disclosure, I haven’t used PDF Expert, but perhaps I should try it out on the basis of the review.

I also don’t think GoodReader is that difficult to use.  In fact, I think the interface is pretty straightforward, and the app really excels at organizing and storing documents for later reading.  It’s very handy for avoiding having to carry around numerous case printouts, briefs, and pleadings.

I think I disagree most about iAnnotate.  I find it easy to use, and the best for actually annotating PDFs.  The app basically lets you mark up electronic PDFs as if you were applying pen to paper.  It works very well with a stylus.

The iMac app called Curio is also fantastic for organizing documents.  This blog post explains how one English lawyer uses it to handle and organize numerous documents and prepare for court.  If only Curio were available on iOS.

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